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Earth Communications Center (ECC) is a place where people from all walks of life in all corners of the world come together for friendship, conversation, dialogue and diplomacy. ECC is a place where everyone is welcome regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, geographic location, political affiliation, social class, disability status, sexual orientation and all other artificial barriers that separate us. ECC is a plce where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and common courtesy. As we enjoy coming together in unity amidst our great diversity, we harness the collective power of the hearts and minds within our World Community to help address the most pressing issues of our time.


This site was founded by award-winning author and IT professional Brent N. Hunter and is provided for the purpose of facilitating conversation, dialogue and diplomacy regarding a wide variety of topics during this historic time. This site also aims to provide information and discussions regarding the following books:


The-Power-of-KM-150.jpg The Power of KM: Harnessing the Extraordinary Value of Knowledge Management
The-Rainbow-Bridge-150.jpg The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace
Nuggets-of-Wisdom-150.jpg Nuggets of Wisdom: Quotes to Ponder and Inspire
More-Nuggets-of-Wisdom-150.jpg More Nuggets of Wisdom: Quotes to Ponder and Inspire
The-Pieces-of-Our-Puzzle-150.jpg The Pieces of Our Puzzle: An Integrated Approach to Personal Success and Well-Being


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Brent N. Hunter