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from Prettywoman2die4 at 24. January 2022 05:32 o`clock  ·  Comments: 0
Known as the Pretty Woman, aka PW, and a little terror / hopeless romantic, in the 30s room through the 90s (until ECC shut down), my partners in crime were Brooke (aka the Brookinator), The Professor, Mouse, Gent, Teacher, Southern Bell (who loved the Admiral), T-Bill from Texas, Tweety, Skip, Sweet Thing, Captain (from Australia), the Blue Drifter (from Orange County), the most mysterious Mythrandyr, GeeJ, the Chief, the Lone Wolf, Uncle, the Judge (who was actually a judge!), KiKi, Peter, Red, Doc, CeCe, Cat, Vamp, Charles, the Fireman (a real firefighter), and Dakota (who had a crush on FishMuskie from the 40s room), and last, but not least, my realworld soulmate, Griswaldo.

If any of you are still around, it would be great to come up with a way to get back to our chatting antics here at ECC again.

Thank you Brent for reopening the Park.
Now we need our rooms back.