Happy Spring!

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Happy Spring!

from pinkpetals on 04/14/2019 02:20 AM

Happy Spring to everyone and may you find joy in all those things you enjoy during this season!  Other than pollen and the worst weather I've experienced in years! We've been fortunate compared to other states, and I hope this note finds everyone well amid the blizzards, floods, hail, and wind events. I'm still attempting to weed garden before planting, that is if the storms and grandbaby sitting duties ever abate. 

Hope everyone enjoys your Easter celebration and upcoming Mothers Day!  I'll be on the ballfields watching the grandbabies (2 boys and 1 girl playing baseball), watching two other grands (5 mos and 12mos), keeping the cranky huzzband from hurting himself, referreeing the three children from fighting among themselves and Jury Duty. Uggg.. And I thought I was effin' retired!!?? 
pinkpetals aka Loglady



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Re: Happy Spring!

from brentnhunter on 04/15/2019 04:56 PM

Hey pinkpetals, thanks so much, wishing you and your family the most inspiring Spring!


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